Web Hosting FAQ’s

What is web hosting? How much is web hosting going to cost? Can’t I host my site from home? How does paid web hosting work? How can I decide which web hosting company to use? I’ve made my choice for a web hosting provider,now what? How much disk space will I need? What is bandwidth?… Read More »

Finding the Perfect Web Hosting for Your Business

If you have ever looked in to having a website, then you will have had to look into the wonderful world of internet hosting. A website needs to be stored somewhere- it needs to be in a place that is accessible to visitors right round the world. The ability to store it on that “accessible… Read More »

How Do Dedicated Hosting vs Cloud Hosting Compare?

Your online business has grown to the stage where it needs more resources and agility than shared or even Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting) hosting can supply. If so, you may need to think about cloud hosting or dedicated hosting alternatives. Both are rich in resources in order to run big programs and reinforce storage to… Read More »

Best dedicated servers alternatives

Renting a dedicated server in these days is not an option for websites and people who need the speed and the security. The online business will never work without a strong web hosting provider, that take cares about the loading time and the server optimization. In this post, I’ll show you a detailed, dedicated server hosting… Read More »